Thursday, 1 April 2010

Useful Interesting Article - What Prices to Charge as a Freelancer/Artist

The link to this article was posted over at the TwilightRender forum and I thought it may be useful to post it here as well. Its a question often asked and debated and this article goes someway to advise on this particular dilemma.
Here is the intro to Charles Leo's article, founder of Lunar Studio -
"Unless you’re intent on liv­ing on the streets, work­ing side jobs, or are for­tu­nate to have the sup­port of wealthy par­ents and bene­fac­tors, most of us at one point or another have to ask our­selves — “what prices should I charge?” Pric­ing out and valu­ing your work is a great mys­tery. If you look around the Inter­net and even ask oth­ers for advice, the amount of money — espe­cially for artists, ranges a very wide gamut. The price point is very dif­fi­cult to gauge with so many peo­ple out there. Of course to some degree, what you can charge is indica­tive of your skill level, but for the sake of this arti­cle I’m just going to dis­cuss what an aver­age busi­ness­man, free­lancer, artist, and even pho­tog­ra­pher should be charg­ing at the very minimum".
Read the rest of Charles Leo's very informative article here...
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