Friday, 16 July 2010

Latest Version - SU2POV freeware converter

From the Ruby Library Depot:
" SU2POV is a freeware converter to export SketchUp models to the freeware ray-tracer POV-Ray. It has been designed so few editions are necessary to run Pov-Ray and generate images of your SketchUp models".
Some features:
  • Exports model to the freeware rendering engine Pov-Ray. SketchUp scene support: ground, background, fog, render mode settings, perspective and orthographic camera, sun light, point lights, spot lights, automatic coloring and intensity of sun light and of shadows, unlimited nested levels for groups/components, UV maps support for textured objects and imported images, clay render, glass render, clay-glass render, textures & X-Ray render, images output with/without alpha mask. Doc, tutorial and sample files included.
Click on image to read more and download from Didier Bur's site.
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