Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Trimble just unveils the latest version of SketchUp – Sketchup Pro 2013...what do you make of it?

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  1. This last Wednesday Trimble released SU 2013. I Bought the upgrade for all my licenses on Thursday. May 23. 2013. I am truly amazed at the improvements. I was having issues with the avi format for the animation export. 2013 Resolves this by offering mp4 as an export option. I immediately used SU 2013 on a big project with impressive results. I was concerned that my favorite addins would not keep up but just today Dutch company announced that D~studios had released the 2013 version of 4d Virtual Builder for Sketchup. Now I hope Podium. Turbosketch and V-ray will do the same. I am pleased with the speed of animation rendering. Cut by about 95%. A Video render that took 1hr now takes 5 minutes. I'm still exploring the improvements but look forward too more.